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Saurabh “Sam” Khawase


I’m a professional and highly experienced Software Engineer skilled in both Java, Python, and Swift, among other technologies. I’m a battle hardened veteran, with an eye for detail, focus on security, and experience in dealing with mission critical systems. I have 13+ years of experience in developing high performance and highly scalable applications. I’ve lived on 312 continents and worked with truly diverse teams with 20+ nationalities, working across different timezones. I am a big believer in experimenting with new things to expand my knowledge both professionally and recreationally.


Storecast GmbH, Berlin, DE
(Sr. Software Engineer - January 2017 to January 2018)

  • Responsible for defining architecture for cross platform Juke apps, using UML diagrams.
  • Designed and implemented Cross platform shared business logic in C++, enabling 75% code sharing between Android and iOS.
  • Designed and implemented highly testable and modular iOS UI layer using Swift.
  • Designed and Implemented secure cryptographic service to encrypt music tracks.
  • Configured the the project build system to seamlessly build apps for Android and iOS using Conan, Carthage, and Gradle, improving build stability.
  • Implemented Database layer using SQLite on C++, reducing code duplication.
  • Integrated Google Chromecast SDK to enable streaming to Chromecast.
  • Setup the continuous Integration and Delivery using Jenkins, TestFlight, HockeyApp improving QA and beta testing feedback.
  • Mentored junior team members to navigate the complex cross-platform architecture.
  • Implemented best practices in software delivery based on SOLID, peer reviews and SwiftLint.

Neofonie Mobile GmbH
(Sr. Software Engineer - August 2014 to December 2016)

  • Developed cross platform app for Süddeutsche Zeitung using iOS, Xamarin, and Reactive Extensions.
  • Designed and implemented the middleware service for processing real-time data from several newspaper feeds, using Azure, C#, MongoDB, Postgresql, and NancyFx.
  • Created iOS SDK for Gigaset G-Tag iBeacon devices used in several mission critical applications.
  • Implemented climate sensing system for IoT devices (Tessel and RaspberryPi) using Javascript, and Swift.
  • Configured the the project build systems to seamlessly build apps for Android and iOS using Python, Cocoapods, Carthage, and Gradle, improving project deliveries.
  • Automated the task to prune stale git repositories, and branches using Python improving space by 30%.
  • Created an MVP app for a region monitoring, geofencing app using Swift and iOS to be used in museums.

VisualMeta GmbH Berlin, DE
(Sr. Software Engineer - October 2012 to August. 2014)

  • Developed the iOS and Windows Phone app for LadenZeile/ShopAlike available in 17 different markets.
  • Implemented the RESTful API server serving JSON data to the app using Java/Spring.
  • Implemented high speed HTTP cache using memcached, and varnish. Implemented in-app cache using Core Data resulting in blazing fast performance of the app.
  • Iterated the app with interesting new features using BDD with KIF, Kiwi, and Calabash.
  • Improved conversion rate using Google Analytics, Facebook SDK and custom tracking tool.
  • Implemented Authentication and Authorisation on both server and client side using OAuth.
  • Designed and prototyped WebSocket + Protocol buffers based binary wire transfer protocol to drastically reduce bandwidth requirement.

Advanced Technologies Group, 
Des Moines, Iowa (Sr. Systems Engineer October 2011 - October 2012)

  • Instrumental in requirements analysis and system design leading to low-latency, high-availability, mission critical system for Federal Bureau of Prisons.
  • Inherited a legacy system and migrated it to have solid test coverage, integration tests, and stability.
  • Migration of an application from legacy WebSphere to JBoss AS with 0% downtime.
  • Developed a RESTFul Web Service as host and client for distributed message processing.
  • Spearheaded the efforts in planning the migration of existing codebases from SVN to Git.
  • Helped in migration of the build system from CruiseControl to Jenkins reducing build time by 40%.
  • Mentored junior team members and helped setup peer review process to improve software quality.

Cognizant Technology Solutions, 
Des Moines, Iowa (Associate Projects January 2006-September 2011)

  • Lead the team to develop warehouse application improving productivity and reducing backorders by 70%.
  • Developed a Web based system to create reports from legacy systems and reducing the reporting failures by 85%.
  • Designed and developed interfaces to external 3rd party applications (e.g PaymenTech, FedEx, UPS) improving system reliability.
  • Architected and developed a system to seamlessly integrate logistics providers like CH Robinson.
  • Modernised legacy systems, and Implemented new features for QSP Readers Digest.
  • Lead the efforts to implement Business Continuity Process mitigating system downtime scenario.
  • Implemented and designed secure file transfer application to allow communication between heterogeneous systems (Mainframes/AS400/Java/.Net applications).


Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Science 2001 - 2005)
Government College of Engineering, Amravati, India

Undergraduate Coursework: Computer Organization and Architecture. Algorithms, Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Discreet Mathematical Structures, Operating Systems, Databases, Data Structures and Algorithms, Programming Languages, Engineering mathematics, Computer Networking.

Technical Experience


  • Project Juke: Juke is a cross-platform mobile app for eBooks, Music, and video for The UI layer is written in CocoaTouch, and Android SDK. The cross-platform core layer is written in C++ using Dropbox Djinni SDK. (Juke! Music | Juke! eBooks)
  • Gigaset iOS SDK: The SDK is used to facilitate the development of apps for Gigaset GTag iBeacon devices. iOS, XCode, Objective C, CoreData, Magical Records, Mantle, Cocoapods, Kiwi. (Gigaset GTag App )
  • Ich Nehm Ab iOS App: INA is a weight management app created using scientific algorithms and research. iOS, XCode, Objective C, CoreData, Magical Records, Mantle, Cocoapods, Kiwi. (App is now defunct)
  • SZ cross Platform App: The SZ newsreader app was developed in Xamarin SDK using C# and MVMMCross. I also designed and developed the RESTFul API server using C#, NancyFX, and NoSQL DB on Azure cloud platform. (Neofonie Mobile Anchor platform and SZ Plus iOS App)
  • Ladenzeile/ShopAlike app: Ladenzeile/ShopAlike is a top rated app in 17 different markets with 100000+ downloads. iOS, XCode, Objective C, Java EE, CoreData, Kiwi, Calabash, C#, XAML (Ladenzeile iOS App)
  • Correction Intelligence Suite (2012). CIS provides a platform for correctional facilities to enter the intelligence data from correctional centres. Microsoft .Net, Windows Server, ASP.Net, MS SQL Server. (Offender Management Suite)
  • Enhanced Quality Check system (2009 – 2011). Enhanced QC System is used in the warehouse to scan item shipments. Java EE, spring framework, Hibernate, IBM DB2, JBoss AS.
  • QSP Reader’s Digest (2006 - 2009). QSP helps the school to raise funds. Magazine, Music and Book items are sold through this program. A percentage of the sales revenue is given to the school as its commission. IBM AS/400, RPG, DB2, IBM JDK, and IBM Websphere.

Systems Proficiency

Primary Languages, Technologies and Tools (used last year):

  • Swift, Python, Java, C, C++, C#
  • Spring Boot, Swagger, REST, JPA, SQL, JUnit, Cucumber, OWASP
  • Xcode, Intellij Idea, Android Studio, Git, Instruments, LLDB
  • Maven, Gradle, Carthage, Conan, CMake, Make
  • Jenkins CI, Github, Bitbucket, Carthage, Charles mitmproxy, Insomnia
  • Facebook/Google analytics, Chromecast SDK, Airplay, CommonCrypto
  • Functional Reactive Programming, SQLite, Cocoa Touch, Core Audio, AVFoundation.
  • Wildlfy, Vagrant, Docker, Postgresql, Nginx
  • Trello, Jira, Confluence.
  • Android SDK, Gradle.

Auxiliary Languages, Technologies and Tools (used in past or on non-regular basis):

  • Objective-C, Java, Xamarin, Kotlin.
  • RaspberryPi, Raspbian
  • Amazon AWS/Digital Ocean/Scaleway
  • PlantUML
  • CoreData, iBeacons, Calabash, CoreBluetooth
  • OpenStreetMap API

Backend Development technologies, and tools:

Java: Java EE, Spark framework, Swagger, JSP/Servlets, EJB3, Spring Boot, JPA, SQL, JSON, REST, PostgreSQL, Hibernate, JUnit

C#: .Net 4.6, .NET Core, NancyFx, LINQ, Azure cloud platform, Reactive extensions for .Net

Python: Flask, virtualenv, pip, SQLAlchemy

Others: Nginx, Docker, Vagrant, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, Jenkins

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