The Salonlab Smart Analyzer combines, for the first time, hairdresser expertise with data driven insights to provide a truly personalized consultation.

A step-by-step tutorial to build a secure REST API using PostgREST.

Walkabout is an iOS app that fetches photos from Flickr whenever the user walks 100 meters. This app demonstrates the use of SwiftUI and CoreLocation in action.

LooLocator is a simple iOS app that fetches the crowd-sourced data from OpenStreetMaps, and shows toilets within walking distance.

Juke is a cross-platform mobile app for eBooks, Music, and video for The UI layer is written in CocoaTouch, and Android SDK. The cross-platform core layer is written in C++ using Dropbox Djinni SDK.

G-tag from Gigaset is a Bluetooth transmitter that makes it easier for users to find objects again.

SZ cross Platform App was developed in Xamarin SDK using C# and MVMMCross. I also designed and developed the RESTFul API server using C#, NancyFX, and NoSQL DB on Azure cloud platform.

Ich Nehm Ab iOS App, INA is a weight management app created using scientific algorithms and research. iOS, XCode, Objective C, CoreData, Magical Records, Mantle, Cocoapods, Kiwi. (The app is now defunct)

Ladenzeile/ShopAlike is a top rated app in 17 different markets with 100000+ downloads. iOS, XCode, Objective C, Java EE, CoreData, Kiwi, Calabash, C#, XAML

CIS provides a platform for correctional facilities to enter the intelligence data from correctional centres. Microsoft .Net, Windows Server, ASP.Net, MS SQL Server.

Enhanced QC System is used in the warehouse to scan item shipments. Java EE, spring framework, Hibernate, IBM DB2, JBoss AS.

QSP helps the school to raise funds. Magazine, Music and Book items are sold through this program. A percentage of the sales revenue is given to the school as its commission. IBM AS/400, RPG, DB2, IBM JDK, and IBM Websphere. (QSP is now defunct)