LooLocator - LooLocator is a simple iOS app that fetches the crowd-sourced data from OpenStreetMaps, and shows toilets within walking distance.
   Juke! - Juke is a cross-platform mobile app for eBooks, Music, and video for The UI layer is written in CocoaTouch, and Android SDK. The cross-platform core layer is written in C++ using Dropbox Djinni SDK.
   Ich Nehm Ab - Ich Nehm Ab iOS App, INA is a weight management app created using scientific algorithms and research. iOS, XCode, Objective C, CoreData, Magical Records, Mantle, Cocoapods, Kiwi. (The app is now defunct)
   SZ cross platform App - SZ cross Platform App was developed in Xamarin SDK using C# and MVMMCross. I also designed and developed the RESTFul API server using C#, NancyFX, and NoSQL DB on Azure cloud platform.
   Ladenzeile/ShopAlike - Ladenzeile/ShopAlike is a top rated app in 17 different markets with 100000+ downloads. iOS, XCode, Objective C, Java EE, CoreData, Kiwi, Calabash, C#, XAML
   Offender Management Suite - CIS provides a platform for correctional facilities to enter the intelligence data from correctional centres. Microsoft .Net, Windows Server, ASP.Net, MS SQL Server.
   Enhanced Quality Check system - Enhanced QC System is used in the warehouse to scan item shipments. Java EE, spring framework, Hibernate, IBM DB2, JBoss AS.
   Reader’s Digest Quality school program - QSP helps the school to raise funds. Magazine, Music and Book items are sold through this program. A percentage of the sales revenue is given to the school as its commission. IBM AS/400, RPG, DB2, IBM JDK, and IBM Websphere. (QSP is now defunct)